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Princesses in suits
My little princesses- 
You are both living on the edge. 
I worry about you. 
What if you fall off the banister on the third floor?
I would miss you and your beautiful tuxedo slinking around. 
The dog would miss you too. 
Even though he seems to terrorize you,
I know you are braver than that.
When he barks you might hiss and scratch him.
He just wants to play with you.  
You may be more like warriors,
but to me,
you are still
my precious princesses
with sleek tuxedos.
I hope you can sense our love-
with your sensitive whiskers and paw pads. 
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As it is a cycle
I need help.
I did it again,
I tore up skin.
When I dug in,  
I couldn't feel the pain.
I couldn't feel the pain,
When I dug in.
I tore up skin,
I did it again.
I need help.
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All I have
Why I critique other people so much?
Why I constantly wanted control in the games I played?
Why I would seem to ignore my problems?
Why I would cry and leave things that were not working?
Why I don't react to the pain aloud?
I wanted control.
Yes I am a "control freak";
Wow you say? That annoying "weeb" girl?                                                                                        Wrong word sweety, it is otaku.
How could you not guess it?
I never feel like I have control over anything.
I am not aloud to argue with my mother,
Nor with my father.            
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I know I am a fuck up. Sorry for the language.
I am a failure.
I am a jerk.
I am annoying.
I am unworthy.
So sorry I failed the Latin final yesterday.
I am sorry in advance about the biology final tomorrow.
I don't deserve to feel bad.
I shouldn't be failing at this.
I have so many opportunities and
So many privileges.
I don't deserve this.
I am even more selfish for thinking I want to die.
I have it easy and I could never do it, I am a coward.
So sorry mommy.
I don't deserve to clean my face with my tears, so that
I could wipe away my pain and suffering.
So little do I deserve this.
I live the privileged life.
So I wish I could change things.
And one last thing-
Mother I don't want to be a scientist. I am not not interested in biology. I want to write and do art.
I know that I am bad at it, but please give me a chance. School doesn't.
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It is probably my fault.
I was being controlling.
"It is my dinner why are you eating it?"
I am probably to fat anyways,
and I made it sound like you should loose weight.
However I was only concerned that you would be full.
You were going to a potluck in less than an hour.
I could not due to a biology final.
I guess my feelings are invalid.
I mean there was only me trying to make it seem like you were overweight right?
You are not.
I mean I am not a victim, but you yelled at me.
I didn't get to explain and I barely had said anything.
You used things against me that I couldn't control.
The fact that you had bought me feminine supplies.  
I am on my period, however it is my fault that I am not comfortable with tampons.
Not that you said that.
However you are my mother.
Whatever you say is basically the word of god.
As it should be.
So I am sorry.
I am too stubborn to say that to you.
So here it is.
I am sorry.
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Ask for the truth, please.
You have your life together, right? Yes...
You know your loved, right? Yes...
You love your self, right? Yes...
Do you need a day off? No...
Do you need a hug? No...
Do you need me? No...
Are you sure?
I don't think you answered these truthfully.
Do you want me to come help?
Yes, please.
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I am a young person who likes to make art, I would love it if you checked it out. It is nice to know this place exists. I also write, let me know if you want to have me write or drawing something. I am not a terrible fanfiction writer. I also enjoy writing poetry.


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